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Tadpoles & Consumers: Thanks, CFPB!


I have been plagued by the noisy and problematic bullfrogs FOR MONTHS!! They are a dime-a-dozen here in West Virginia.  Some say they add a certain ambiance to the evening porch-sitting; I, however, think they are the noisiest when I am trying to rest at night. Very aggravating, but I always manager to sleep and soundly at that.

About a week ago, I realized the bullfrogs had laid their eggs in this rather large, luxurious puddle across from my townhouse.  This was the largest puddle I’ve seen in a while approximately three-and-a-half car-lengths long. Pretty spacious accommodation if I must say so. Well, two days ago, I noticed the tadpole puddle was getting smaller and waning to multiple individual puddles. On that particularly sweltering afternoon, I noticed a few puddles had vanished in the sun and left a set of the tadpoles scorched by the sun’s loving rays. I knew the bullfrogs could have chosen from a wide variety of puddles, but they chose this foreboding one. Should I allow nature’s ‘natural selection’ take it’s course? Should I let them all perish and silently know to myself that I had won the war achieving my peace and quiet?…

With purpose, I filled my watering can and flooded the diminishing pools with life and hope. The remaining tadpoles were saved until the rain that evening filled the puddle and allowed them to thrive. Those bullfrogs chose that specific puddle given the information they had available to them. They had not the wherewithal to make a better choice or evaluation. As we are omniscient, we would have chosen another puddle; the bullfrogs, on the other hand, may not have been so fortunate. 

This is the aim of the newly created Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) [] . They aim to level the playing field for consumer financial markets.  They base their mission to make consumer markets ‘work for Americans’ on the principals of Education, Enforcement and Researching. When consumers (bullfrogs) have perfect information and can make decisions with free and clear judgement, it will make markets more efficient and competitive.  They will then be able to make and informed decision and most importantly evaluate alternatives easier. The CFPB will be taking over the supervisory provisions that were once spread across several different government agencies and bringing it under one roof.  The CFPB also vows to research and analyze to better understand consumers, service providers and financial markets. 

Support the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau…. They want to make markets work for us!

 support your new CFPB and support their mission to make financial markets work for consumers, not against them. 

(Photo Courtesy of Ineta McParland at

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